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Collecting stamps?

Keep track of your stamp collection for free with Catawiki!

Collecting stampsIf you’ve always wanted a nice overview of your stamp collection, and if you’ve had enough of all those wish-lists on paper, then here’s your solution: Catawiki! You can keep track of your collection free of charge on Catawiki, just by clicking items from the stamp catalogue. If you’re looking for stamps that you still haven’t got, you can put them on your wish list. We also have our own marketplace where you can buy and sell stamps.

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The advantages for stamp collectors

  • Keep track of your stamp collection for free
  • Stamp catalogue with almost 350,000 stamps
  • Our marketplace has the biggest range of stamps on offer in the Benelux: over 2.500.000 stamps for sale
  • Your own shop, free of charge
  • Wish lists (with automatic messaging if a stamp comes up for sale)
  • Stamps forum: meet fellow collectors

Cleared up your attic and found some old stamps? The Catawiki stamp catalogue can come in handy then too. You can quickly look to see what a particular stamp is worth.

“Catawiki is a collector’s paradise. You can keep tabs on your collection and buy or sell things more quickly and easily than ever.”
Tammo Meedendorp, on Catawiki as: Collectioneur
“Catawiki makes collecting a modern hobby. The site can bring a dusty old collection back to life.”
Els, on Catawiki as: elizabeth